Story Book – “The birthday that went with a bang”


A carefully written and beautifully illustrated book which tells a wonderful story of Felix and Flip (First Aid Friends) who use their first aid knowledge and skills to help others.

About the story:

Felix and Flip embark on an adventure through the jungle but along the way they come across some of their friends (all well-known jungle animals) who have sadly been hurt in accidents and are in need of first aid help.

Luckily Felix the First Aid Frog knows what to do and provides effective first aid treatment to his friends and ensures that everyone is safe.

He shares his knowledge of first aid with the readers to teach them first aid in a fun and enjoyable way.Because of his ‘fantastic’ first aid help all the animals make it to the party safely.

The book includes 2 elements:

  • story of adventure
  • factual overview section that provides first aid knowledge and guidance and allows children to consolidate their learning and understanding.